How to Choose the Right Fitness EBook

As someone who studies marketing and hopes to become a good marketer in the future, I see the potential for evil with marketing. The bottom line is, that there is lots of great marketing selling bad products. But, there’s also some bad marketing trying to sell good products. Finally, there’s good marketing selling good products.

Here are a few things you should look at before purchasing any sort of fitness product:

  • Read as many reviews of the product as you can before purchasing
  • Don’t impulse buy
  • Dissect the sales letter. Take a look at each claim made and really ask yourself, “Does this make sense?” If a claim can’t be proven, then it’s probably false or fabricated. The FTC has been cracking down a lot on online products, so you may start to see a lot of shady products being taken down.
  • Ignore the testimonials. Testimonials once used to be mean something. However, these days it’s very simple to get random people to write a testimonial for you (just give them a free copy of the product, or get your friends to do it).
  • Finally, make sure there’s a clear return policy. I’ve returned a few products that I did not like or felt did not live up to my expectations. However, there are also people floating around that buy a product, then return them right away. I bet there are just as many dishonest consumers as there are dishonest marketers.

Hopefully these tips will help you choose the right fitness eBook for your needs.