The Guru Slayer eBook Review, From Andrew Fox

The Guru Slayer, the latest release from Andrew Fox, a different kind of Internet marketer operating out of Ireland. The Guru Slayer is his third major affiliate marketing product release, and his next attempt after the record breaking Dominating Clickbank guide (released in 2006).While a huge buzz has been created in the Internet marketing world surrounding The Guru Slayer, is it all that it’s cracked up to be? Is this more of the same slick marketing, simply using an “anti-guru” angle to push up his recognition, or is The Guru Slayer a product that delivers as it promises? Enjoy this honest review of The Guru Slayer….

The Guru Slayer is a methodology, or a kind of blueprint that Andrew Fox has devised that claims to contain his treasure chest of “insider secrets” to profiting in absolutely any niche he enters. Many people outside these big-guru social circles immediately assume that the way big name marketers do the huge numbers they do is because of their massive mailing lists and JV partners. But Andrew says The Guru Slayer will teach even a complete newbie on how to compete in the almost gangster “shark” infested waters of Internet marketing, even without a huge list.

Andrew’s goal of The Guru Slayer is to clean out the Internet land of the “get rich quick” and other deceptive marketing sites and schemes that appear everywhere. But as some may quickly criticize, “The Guru Slayer” appears to be marketed with an anti-guru approach, which has has started to become an increasingly more popular method to create a big buzz and in turn create more sales. So is The Guru Slayer more of the same?

In the midst of some visible confusion of the term “guru” in the Internet Marketing world, inside The Guru Slayer, the gurus Andrew is referring to are indeed the deceptive marketing sharks out to take your cash and run away. He points out that these are people who are here today and out of site (literally) tomorrow, taking your money with them and leaving you with further frustration and disappointment. Hence the title The Guru Slayer is a nice fit. He also notes that there are some actual real “gurus”, but calls them “pioneers”, people who we can trust. These are marketers who have effectively made a name for themselves and continuously deliver high-quality products.

According to Andrew’s special report on The Guru Slayer, his small test group of “average-george” affiliates did impeccably well with his strategies. These were people who previously never saw any real success (like most), but following the steps in The Guru Slayer, were able to increase their profits and create their own JV’s, launch their own products via resale products, or finally found success with affiliate marketing.

The Guru Slayer appears to be honestly created to help the “little-guy” affiliate have a chance at success in the quick moving world of Internet marketing. Of course as with any important buying decision, you should get some feedback from the field from other’s owners of The Guru Slayer. Find out what they liked, what they disliked, and most important, find out if the system worked for them.

I personally believe that The Guru Slayer is the in fact the real deal. If there is only one ebook you buy this year. I would recommend it be The Guru Slayer. The methods are relatively new to most newbie marketers and will surely kick-start life back into failing campaigns and create inspiration for affiliates working in 2007. The Guru Slayer is a no-frills get out there and make money now guide to freedom. At times a bit nasty, but the techniques work. Most of The Guru Slayer methods are totally new and unique, and it is an essential guide for any affiliate working for a successful year in 2007.

I recommend Securing a Copy of The Guru Slayer [], and reading it two or three times, and then create a plan of action – very easy with all the ideas racing through your head from the material, and then taking immediate action! Do these very basic things and you will be far ahead of the pack who don’t buy it.

To your success in 2007!

How to Choose the Right Fitness EBook

As someone who studies marketing and hopes to become a good marketer in the future, I see the potential for evil with marketing. The bottom line is, that there is lots of great marketing selling bad products. But, there’s also some bad marketing trying to sell good products. Finally, there’s good marketing selling good products.

Here are a few things you should look at before purchasing any sort of fitness product:

  • Read as many reviews of the product as you can before purchasing
  • Don’t impulse buy
  • Dissect the sales letter. Take a look at each claim made and really ask yourself, “Does this make sense?” If a claim can’t be proven, then it’s probably false or fabricated. The FTC has been cracking down a lot on online products, so you may start to see a lot of shady products being taken down.
  • Ignore the testimonials. Testimonials once used to be mean something. However, these days it’s very simple to get random people to write a testimonial for you (just give them a free copy of the product, or get your friends to do it).
  • Finally, make sure there’s a clear return policy. I’ve returned a few products that I did not like or felt did not live up to my expectations. However, there are also people floating around that buy a product, then return them right away. I bet there are just as many dishonest consumers as there are dishonest marketers.

Hopefully these tips will help you choose the right fitness eBook for your needs.